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How to track your stolen Android phone ?

When you turn on your new phone, one of the last things you want to hear is the idea that there may be a time when it becomes lost or stolen. As much as we love our smartphones and keep with us at all times, there is always a chance that it is left somewhere or somebody catches then you're not careful. Thank you to a number of Android applications, you can help raise yourself with your phone in minutes
. How to track your stolen Android phone ?

If you head to the Google Play Store and search for "Find My Phone", you will . flooded with more options than you can possibly digest The good news is that most of them are simple, free, and work incredibly well Talk service and how it works
.. So how a "Find My Phone" job application
The use GPS , your phone number and an external website that allows you to track your phone at any time. "Find My Phone" applications allow you to ping the location of your device, and the display, with an address for you to find. Once installed, you usually need to activate the application, attach it to your phone, create a connection with a site monitoring partnerships, then sit back and wait for someone to steal your phone or lead you astray. It takes minutes to set these applications, but can save you hundreds of dollars at the end
. What happens once it is lost or stolen
When lost or stolen, you can immediately move to this site partnership, login and track the location of your device. From this site you can usually lock the phone to be used to remotely wipe all information from him, and also told him to "Scream" or make noise to draw attention to the situation. Some services are also allowing you to remotely take pictures with the camera on your phone, so you can help identify the location or get a crystal clear picture of the thief
. Some "Find My Phone" applications that you may want to check out:

SeekDroid ($ 2.99) : This is one of the old standard "Find My Phone" apps. In addition to all the standard features that we mentioned above, it allows you to remotely activate GPS, remotely wipe the internal storage and SD Cards , and even keep thieves uninstalling the Application
Find My Phone : A free application that is ideal for families, especially parents who want to keep track of their children. You can contact friends and family track phone movement at any time. But perhaps more importantly, you can track a lost or stolen phone from another phone if they are on your friends list. So if you're not near a computer or Web site, you can always grab the phone to your mom and find yours
Norton Anti-Theft : This is an add-on to Norton Mobile Security which from what I can tell means that you need a license to Norton use. But one of the cool features that I noticed was his ability to take pictures and then upload them to a Norton site to help you find the device. No more " Gotcha !" A cup shot the guy who just jacked your phone
Lookout Plan B : Plan B Lookout is one of the few applications that will help you find your phone after the fact, even if it was not pre-installed on your phone. If you lose your phone, you can remotely install Plan B for her, which leads then it automatically and then send you a place to start. After that, if you still want to track your phone, you can text "locate" from another phone. Very bright, if you ask me
Beyond these four options, there are countless others to choose from. In fact, almost every app anti-virus or security for Android (Ex: AVG, and Zoner McAfee ) has a tracking function device built in.

So, as a final reminder, strongly consider installing a "Find My Phone" app on your new device - it can help you find your expensive toy and bust a criminal at the same time

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