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All-In -One Tool Box (21 tools) 3.7.1 apk for Android

All-In -One Tool Box (21 tools ) is a must have application for all Android users with over 4 million downloads. Also this is the optimization of the system 1 and Cache Cleaner App in 32 countries , top 10 in 56 countries in Productivity category . All-In -One Toolbox provides complete system optimization techniques , including real-time information from the memory , a memory stimulant quick click , task killer , cache cleaner , history cleaner , and the file manager SD etc. It includes all the factors that account for the performance of the device and helps to optimize your device to operate at optimum speed . All-In -One Tool Box (21 tools ) is
  • easy to use simple user interface and interactive
  • Tweak all systems optimizing features comfortable
  • all In one
  • Enjoy all technical optimization system
  • complete one-click optimization
  • Nexus 7, 10 Nexus , Galaxy Note, Asus Transformer and most other Android tablets are supported!

    All-In -One toolbox (21 tools ) Features:

  • Apk Cleaner
  • Backup Restore shortcut screen
  • Home
  • status report memory (RAM , ROM, SD memory and CPU )
  • information system
  • One-click task killer Cache Cleaner
  • History Cleaner
  • ( clipboard, browser , Market, Gmail search, Google Maps, Google Earth History )
  • call Log and Message
  • SD Card cleaner temporary files ( Tip : You can increase your SD card read / write speed using SD -Booster apk application )
  • App to SD card
  • file manager SD
  • lot installer map
  • batch Uninstaller
  • startup Manager Add
  • app to start
  • home screen widget
  • Quick Settings plugin
  • volume Settings plug-in < li > timer Plugin
  • AppLock Plugin Check Permissions Plugin Sensor Box Plugin Flashlight Plugin Ad Detect Plugin Compass Plugin QR barcode Scanner and
  • supported language: English, Korean , simplified Chinese, french , Arabic, Spanish , Indonesian , German, Portuguese , Romanian, Russian, Hindi Japanese traditional Chinese, Polish , Dutch, Hungarian and Greek .

    What's new All-In -One Tool Box (21 tools) V3 .7.1 :
    All-In -One Tool Box (21 tools) 3.7.1 apk for Android
    1. Fix Browser History Delete Bookmarks own question
    2. Add Scanner QR barcode and Plugins
    3. Add App own Optimize
    4. History Cleaner Fix bugs reported
    5. other improvements < / ol>

      DownloadAll -In -One Toolbox ( 21 tools)

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