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Around his Pro v2.61 apk download

2.3 and
. Description
Around Sound Pro Allows two listen to music , watch movies and play games while being aware of your surroundings \\ u2028ce it does:
Pro Street Fashion:
just down the street and hear footsteps above the trigger level set. Never interrupt your music.
Games: The work not break ska well . Requesting support for the pause mode ' Around the developer of your favorite game.
pause: \\ u2028
Uses microphone two lists of your helmet noise and pause your music or movie if it is detected, then play the sound att triggered the break and continue for a short period of time if takes your music or movie
no mode - Pause: . Uses microphone
two lists of your headphones loud noises and hollow volume of your music, movie or game if one is detected , then play the sound att triggered the break and continue for a short period time , and then returns in two regular volumes
Bluetooth Option Mic .
currently only works with mono headsets and some A2DP plays
As seen on :
http :/ / bit.ly/GITDJ1
/ > ★ choice evolver.fm Editor < br ★ ★ Gizmodo
Where can I use?
the office: pause your music Automatisk Når someone tries to get your two
\\ u2028 \\ u2028À home: do not miss the door slamming , children crying , however, your barking or other signs \\ u2028 \\ u2028
at the airport : Relax at the door and have your music or movies NAR break ads START dOOR \\ u2028 \\ u2028
Everywhere relativt quiet you want to know if something is going on around you
best to use with :
\\ u2028 \\ u2028isolation sound headsets that
- this earplugs are now virtually and do not miss out on what is around you.
kan use with just a helmet but you must know the microphone is now used your phone. So leaving it in your pocket does not work so well
Instructions: .
\\ u2028 \\ u2028Faire sour your headset is plugged
\\ u2028Il simply launch the application, press START , see the noise around you , set the trigger level to using your finger to drag both feet , hit the home button to access both your music app and enjoy.
< b> authorizations :
\\ u2028 \\ u2028appels telephone : read phone state ( stops processing audio during calls) \\ u2028
commands: Audio Settings , audio recording (to use the microphone , no sound is never stored )
Bluetooth: to support the optional Bluetooth microphone
diffusion Important: to support the optional Bluetooth microphone
< b> Limitations: \\ u2028 \\ u2028
needs Froyo or higher ( Android version 2.2)
paused Music: You can not be in a very noisy environment Otherwise, the microphone input is maximized and there is no way to detect a louder sound . Use street fashion instead
Coming soon:
More features Compatibility: In
udvikle on a Samsung Galaxy SIII helps Samsung default player for music and works break without killing the notification bar control or control of the lock screen . Recommended
Winamp . Make acid to activate the headset controls , Works
FM Radio App närvarande Samsung does not work ( actually block the application , sorry)
Double Twist : Make acid to activate commands helmet , wORK
Power Amp: Make two controls for headphone acids work
Uber Music: Make two controls for headphone acids work
MixZing : Make two controls for headphone acids work
Rocket player: Make two controls for headphone acids work
Pandora: Spotify
works : works
Other : should work if you enable headset controls .. email me if this is not
Video Player: .
MX Video Player Player Samsung
Other : If it appears in Target Media Apps, IT ska work
\\ u2028c ' is my first app so please send me comments good or bad . If something is wrong let me know first before giving a low rating . ! Thank you and good

Action Bar on pre -ICS Created using the Action Bar Sherlock
Developed on Samsung Galaxy SIII
What's new
v2.61 : Adding Google Analytics, under the hood tweaks

*********** ******* Google Play Store < / b>
Cost: - Rs135
Download Full Version here: -

download link
file size: 1.6 MB -

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