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InSpace v1.0.2 (Full) Apk Free Download

InSpace v1.0.2 (Full) Apk Free Download
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In Space is an edge space 3D shooter that will have you cutting firmly griping orders Starfighter and fight for the future of the galaxy in no time .
Take seat Walker, an adventurer space activities and pilot -for-hire , who begins his contract with the Alliance of Planets , and is immediately drawn into a galaxy-spanning conflict . Can he stop the obstacle disaster. ?
His XXVI century. More than 60 years have passed since the end of the first Galactic War . According to the statutes of the Great Treaty, the cosmic powers divided world between them. There is peace now .
Unexpectedly, the Republic fleet has violated the provisions of the Treaty and occupied strategic areas in the Sirius system. All peaceful attempts to resolve the conflict have failed and the nations of Star Alliance have been warning of the highest defense condition . Another galactic war is very close
Somewhere in the universe , far from these events , adventurer Max Walker gets another seemingly routine job for him - mysterious cargo traffic . Max would never have imagined that this trivial task will change his life . You take the role of Max, when he accidentally appears in the star system where a surprise attack occurs - swept into the conflict , you must take the side of one of the warring nations and leave your fate will take you to the stars ! On your way , you go beyond the confines of space, fighting multiple opponents , meet lords pirates, scheming politicians , deceitful allies and ambitious leaders - . All entangled in an epic space that will change the face of the galaxy
Are you ready ? The adventure begins
Game features:
hectic gameplay rich and fascinating history < li > dialogues and cutscenes Actor to voice unlockable content , additional missions and equipment . fully detailed 3D graphics spectacular special effects . dynamic soundtrack and sound effects number of planetary systems and nebulas astreoid fields to explore. 9 ships diferent driver Multitude of weapons to chose from. system upgrade weapon accelerometer and control mode virtual pad The multiplayer mode ( play with other nearby devices using Wi-Fi )
Download InSpace v1.0.2 android
InSpace full
v1.0.2 Size: 650 MB
Requires Android : 2.3 and up Market
Download Link: here
Download all the above files install apk play the game

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