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Remote control using your Android Phone SMS

How do you locate your phone if the ringer is off ? You have changed the phone to vibrate when you were in a meeting and the device was not found
Fashion .
Remote control using your Android Phone SMS Would not it be nice if you could take the phone out of your colleague and use it to turn the ringer on your phone missing
Meet Agastya , a new Android app that allows you to "distance" to perform various tasks on your phone from any other phone via commands simple SMS . The other phone, which sends commands should not be running Android - even the basic Nokia 1100 could just as well - and either the phones do not have GPS or data plans (Internet)
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The workflow is easy. You send an SMS command from the phone of a friend of your own phone in a given format and the application reacts accordingly. For example, a command such as "ring" would turn the ringtone as "silent" would put the phone
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The application can also help you get your list of missed calls or incoming text messages via , you 're right , SMS . This feature should be useful for people who have multiple phones - you can easily check the call and SMS logs of your secondary phone that is in your pocket
< b> Here is a complete list of SMS commands that you can try on your Android phone : < / b>
SILENT - Turn off the phone ring
rINGER - Set the ringtone
IMEI - Get the IMEI number of your phone *
last posts - Get the last five text messages on your phone
last calls - know the last 5 missed / received / composite number
- Get the phone number of a person from the address
[*] the IMEI number can help you lock a lost phone (or stolen) access to mobile networks (type * # 06 # to know the IMEI number of your phone existing )
Agastay is not the first application that offers features . The most popular Where's My Droid application can not only turn on the ringer on your phone remotely , but you also send current GPS location of the phone by SMS. There is overlap , but these applications are more likely to locate your lost phone while Agastay is like a control console - you can switch between the states of phone or even get the details of a contact distance from the book address of the phone. IMEI feature is also useful for your lost blacklist
phone .
In my tests , Agastya worked as expected , and SMS-based commands executed almost instantly if the application does crash in one case. The company says that Agastay runs on Android 2.2 and above. < / Div >

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