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Root Call Blocker Pro apk download v2.1.3.10

Requires Android
2.3 and
Root Call Blocker Pro apk download v2.1.3.10
root call Blocker 2 is a powerful call , SMS and MMS blocking for root users. Stop spam messages and collectors 100 % of the time with our call root -enabled single manager . Now, with everything better !
Unlike other call filters , Root Call Blocker silently blocks calls at a system level . You need not even know how it works and kan vælge be notified if specific numbers are blocked.
Supported languages: English , Spanish, French , Deutsch , Suomi , Nederlands, Svenska , Português, Magyar , Polski, Roman Pyccĸий , Türkçe,简体 中文,繁体字.
Some translations are missing in BCR 2 If you want to help with language , visit http://crowdin.net/project/root-call-blocker-pro to start
unique features : . < Br />
• Your phone rings and the screen lights
• In widgets call allows two ignore / block calls on the fly
• Customize notifications with vibration alarm and LED colors
Advantages: •
completely ignore the spam calls and messages
• Import lists of numbers of files, including CSV
• Block MMS containing letters and numbers
• Reject unknown , with luck , private and restricted numbers
• Keep blocked calls and messages hidden with password dialer and •
regional model codes or block länderna
• The operating mode silent / hidden
• backup for Google Cloud Drive and Dropbox
integration • Google Groups •
SMS autoresponders
• encrypted backups
WARNING - Special application requires root / superuser access , visit our website for more information: http://fahrbot.co.uk/root
WARNING - Generelt app only supported devices currently available in the West. We will ignore requests for compatibility with random imitations and no phone provider
WARNING name - . Multi -SIM devices are not supported officiellt and never will be .
If you need help, use " Write to us " in the settings of the application or visit the website : http://fahrbot.co.uk/feedback
app does not control your voicemail service . If your calls are being blocked behind two voice mail , try another blocking method or use Google Voice. Du kan simulate a disconnect message by sending busy calls to a certain number att does not exist.
Do not believe the hype about Extreme Call Blocker , or Mr Number dem DroidWall applications are not the only work of att on Jelly Bean - RCB functions on any Android version 2.3 and up, is much more Quick and 100% silent
expeditious call permissions are needed for hidden mode, two udnytte dialer enter a password
accounts are . . needed for Google contact groups.
send SMS needed for auto-replies and SMS routing .
Internet access is for the license and " Contact Us " feedback tool .
DATA LOG is just behind with your permission via " Contact Us " in the settings. You do not have two send anything if you do not want
Keywords: . Call block, call manager , block SMS , MMS block, call security , suspicious conversations , shady sms private sms, private calls, manager of privacy , control private call , call confirmation
Root Call Blocker Pro apk download v2.1.3.10
What's New
Welcome to the root call Blocker 2 If you have a problem or need advice , we know the lightly by support@fahrbot.co.uk and we will help you
• Fixed some superuser introducerede issues in the previous version
• Updated daemon
• SELinux issues still affecting some notes 3 ​​and 4 , 3 builds S4 (and probably a lot of future ahead ROM)
translation • Update
• Note 3 users will both have the appropriate root for this to work , look here: http ? :/ / forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php t = 2479952
Root Call Blocker Pro apk download v2.1.3.10
JOBS GooglePlay install cracked or patched luck
Root Call Blocker Pro apk download v2.1.3.10

*********** ******* Google Play Store < / b>
Cost: - Rs437
Download Full Version here: -

Download link
file size: 4.4MB -

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