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F18 Fighter jet simulator 3D V1.1 Apk Download

F18 Fighter jet simulator 3D V1.1 Apk Download
3D game F18 fighter jet simulator apk
GAME VIEW , < / b>
< i> want you a game som kan fly a fighter hollow edge of the sky. Looking for a fighter jet games without der kan teach you to fly like the best Navy Air Force fighter pilots of the aircraft . Learn how to land and take off your F18 jet fighter from a carrier. So if you think you have what it takes to fly a fighter jet F18 . Here's your chance to get a taste o steal one of the most sophisticated equipment in the world .
If you accept this fighter Flat challenge you need to clear all 20 missions successfully before you can call yourself a true fighter pilot. Your challenge is to get through your fighter pilot training base and put your driving skills to the test on different missions where you learn to push your F18 fighter aircraft to the limit of what he kan take . 3D jet fighter simulator is a simulator of modern air combat aircraft Dar you as a fighter pilot can fly a plane F18 . . During the course of the game you pilot as having the opportunity to fly 20 missions
Main Controls :
Move the joystick left / right , up / down to control the flight attitude of the jet fighter . Use the throttle to live up / down accelereres / deceleration ( braking ) the fighter
Tweak controls : .
Butterfly Live kan också turned right / left both refine the flight attitude of the aircraft during flight . Tap the map icon to change the attitudes of two stolen aircraft during flight
Navigation: .
kan read navigation information on the radar screen to find the right flight directions
Change view on board: .
tapping the cockpit kan icon for change in the cockpit view. From the cockpit , there is an att arrow indi cate the correct directions
målsætning Game : .
In each level you have a mission to accomplish both , for example, you have two fly your plane rings hollow in the air or land your plane in the parking points given . You have to accomplish the mission with a precise time . The more time left after ifyllande mission how much the reward medal
3D jet fighter simulator - . Game Features
- 20 different mission aircraft - landing, takeoff , airfields and carriers
- . . New improved air
physics - . Change your view two view
Cockpit - Fly a jet of advanced fighter F18
- challenge time , you can enjoy the scenery from the sky around you , but time is not on your side . Bring your camera down before time runs out
- Beware of skyscrapers or the mayday , mayday and att is not good for your flying career
- . Different airports and land your two aircraft carriers and two draw out
- New Mission Aviation follow
- The new aircraft will be added
NOTE : . . . Your plane will crash if it falls into the sea or an accident in a building or in the ground. Also be careful with the landing, you need two successes on the track or your plane will explode.
This is a new 3D simulator jet fighter android VascoGames . Try to keep your plane in the sky , land your aircraft at various airports , take off from aircraft carrier combat, and more. Have fun and if you want to know more about us as our Facebook or follow us on Twitter. So kan ikke bare enjoy this new fighter jet simulator Cool 3D också be updated on new levels of other aircraft and much more
DownloadF18 3D Fighter Jet Simulator V1.1 Android here
F18 Jet Fighter 3D Simulator V1.1
Size: 18 MB
Requires Android : 2.2 and up
Play Store Link: Here
download all the files below Extract Zip install apk

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