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Fortuna Magus v1.0.1g apk [ Download ]

Fortuna Magus v1.0.1g apk [ Download ]
Fortuna Magus Apk
Amman , Tia and Lill lived a quiet life with their father, Cal Cal ... until mysteriously disappeared one day . Before leaving, he asked Amman to take care of Tia and Lill . Ten years later , Amman and Tia meet a mage named Ret, which sets in motion a chain of events that fateful
Welcome to the world of Fortuna Magus - . A fantasy RPG with hours of fun , even after the main story has been completed
In a world where mages are equally persecuted for their mysterious abilities, Amman finds himself on the wrong side of the law when it comes up for Ret - . a wandering magicians who helped out a Scruff . Now on the run, in Amman and Tia will never be able to find their missing father
- Undergon Revelations
meet certain conditions during the battle to acquire new skills and special attacks , spells, and attacks such as tandem . These revelations occure when a character uses certain skills to achieve a certain level or object level . Experiment with different attacks, and master all the skills
- Earn TP and trigger special attacks
Technical Points (TP ) are assigned when you attack enemies and use objects During battle or when you are hit by enemy attacks. When your TP to 100% , you can unleash powerful special attacks and support skills . The fastest way to earn TP is being hit by enemy attacks, so plan your party training accordingly. Note that the TP your partner must also be 100% when running attacks in tandem
- . Magestones use to increase your levels of elements
Magestones Magestone and shards found in treasure chests and enemies , can not be used to increase the levels of your character element. They not only allow you to gain more powerful spells and skills, but they increase your chances of experiencing revelations . Be sure to use often
Fortuna Magus Points (FFP ) are purchasable points used to buy rare and special equipment during your adventures objects. Each time you defeat a number of enemies was certain , you will receive a free of charge FMP
DownloadFortuna Magus v1.0.1g Android Mirror1 or mirror2
Fortuna Magus v1.0.1g
Size: 32 MB
Required Android : 2.0 and up market
download Link : here
manifest Download all files above install apk last on sdcard \\ \\ android \\ \\ OBB \\ \\ here Toy game

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