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Plague Inc. Apk v1.6.3.2 Mod Create 2 ( Fully Unlocked ) Download

Plague Inc. Apk v1.6.3.2 Mod Create 2 ( Fully Unlocked ) Download
/ > A global success with more than 70,000 Star 5 reviews worldwide and features . these newspapers cum The Economist, the New York Post, Boston Herald , The Guardian and the London Underground
/ > ▶ " Plague Inc. 'll snag your attention in all the right ways and keep it there " - touch Arcade
"high level # refusing plague Inc. ' s quality . " ▶ - ▶ Modojo
. " plague Inc. cum should not be a lot of fun because it is " - London Underground ▶
" will you leave in the hope of destroying the world, all in the name of the hill pleasure " - Pocket Lint
▶ " plague Inc. bring out the bad side of any any player with the objective to create the super virus capable of destroying the entire human population " - G4TV
▶ " gameplay Inc. plague is contagious " - Slide To Play
▶ " Killing trillion has never jump fun " - IGN / >
Your pathogen has infected " Patient Zero . " Now you need to bring about the end of human history by the evolution deadly global scourge while adapting against humanity can defend itself against any rates .
/ > Brilliantly executed with innovative gameplay and built from scratch for mobile, Inc. plague. changing the strategy genre and pushes mobile gaming (and you) to new levels . It's you Vs . ! the world - only the strongest can survive
/ > Features:
✓ Stunning graphics with detailed ✓ very polite interface ( contagion warranty )
, world hyper - realistic with advanced AI ( outbreak management ) ✓
global aid system in the game and tutorial (I'm legendary useful)
✓ 10 types of different diseases with radically different strategies to control (10 Monkeys ?)
full functionality ✓ Save / Load ( 28 saves Land! )
/ > ✓ 50 Country of infecting hundreds of traits to evolve and adapt to thousands world events (the fight against the pandemic evolved )
✓ dashboards to track achievements and
epidemic / > locate in English ( other languages ​​coming soon !)
/ > PS Give yourself was not on the back if you got any references to the literature on the subject
/ > b What's in this version :
plague Inc. mutation warning 1.4 - the worm Neurax
- enslave humanity with the new expansion pack Neurax worm - unique organisms that can control human mind ! All new gameplay , strategy , graphics , music , events and more
- gneiss can be removed for
additional challenge of fixes:
- FIX compatibility for Droid X2, etc. ZTE chain to resolve memory problems
- Unlock achievements and improvements
of setting - you can now switch between applications smoothly ( but why would you change ?)
/ > What's New
Inc. plague . 6 mutation warning - Run Speed ​​
the CDC - speed runs - How long can you kill the world
CDC- content - The CDC has asked me to meet and talk to the models infection in swine Inc. . The CDC now appears in the game
- rebalanced the realization nazg for rabid fans there: P -
Many new events and news, including a new origin story Necroa Virus
- other dashboards and gameplay improvements
- All progress / unlocks are stored When Updating - Halts will not work if / >
Features MOD Version:
the first term of the game opens the full version of ( insert genes , acceleration time, speed of execution, the zombie and Neuro -Worm virus , disabling advertising )
for the opening of what is available , click the restore button in the settings purchase ( making this mod )
hidden in my opinion surplus image (inputs to Facebook , Twitter , Google Play (will not work because you need the original signature) , flags with the zombie virus and Neuro -Worm , miniclip News and link to the trailer) ;
created a modified ticket (market because that there will be conflict of signatures) Version
/ > How to move from German into English (if . mod installed on the Russian version )
in the main menu , click the gear should you in the upper left corner , then click the second button on the bottom and click ">" . Restarting the game
  • .
    DownloadPlague Inc. v1.6.3.2 Android Live or Mirror
    plague Inc. . Build v1.6.3.2 Mod
    2 Size: 30 MB
    Requires Android : 2.2 and market
    Download Link : here
  • Download all the above files
  • Install apk
  • play the game

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