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Weaphones : guns Sim Vol 2 Apk v1.0.0 [Download]

Weaphones : guns Sim Vol 2 Apk v1.0.0 [Download]
Weaphones : guns Sim Vol 2 apk
/ > Features:
SMG: "Trigger" Charing rendelet " Magazine Release " selector fire " lock / O " Magazine " Folding Stock " suppressor
assault rifle : "Trigger" Charing rendelet " Magazine Release " fire Selector » Security » lock / O " Magazine " Dust Cover " Bipod
MARKSMAN RIFLE : "Trigger" rendelet Charing " Magazine Release " fire selector »Security» lock / O " Magazine " suppressor " Bipod
gun LIGHT: " Trigger" Magazine " Charing rendelet " security " receiver cover" Belt AMMUNITION " flip -Up Sight " Carry rendelet " SNIPER RIFLE
Bipod : " Trigger " Charing rendelet " safety lever " Magazine Release " Magazine " Do rendelet "
rifle bipod : "Trigger" Charing rendelet »Security» Release Magazine " Magazine
/ > Continuing our tradition of realism with pleasure Binding , Volume 2 features all new weapons, Pistoles Machine rate fully automatic rifle. Learn how these operators Weapons with realistic reloading, chambering and stops.
/ > Do not play the game correctly , take your unscrew and it becomes digital weapon , all orders are important at your fingertips . Harness the power of the built in accelerometer and flash capacity for a more authentic experience . Become a sniper cum a room MASSIVE .50 caliber round or imagine Rambo hip cum shot 60 . / >
For the price of less than a 12 gauge Slug you get everything . No - up sells or -app purchases , just puree , safe and pleasant and updates the free weapons pack .
realistic fire , sound, smoke, Recoil
authentic full interaction and control of mechanical arms
No. accessories Painting Up flash effects options - sold or made level , Everything You Get free Updates
full HD Graphics Retail 100% handmade Size customizable to suit user preference and
Lefty rocking
Rotation 180 ° Libra
user adjustable variables Unlimited Ammo Place
Auto Reload Weapon / interference
overheating accelerometer Camera flash Shooting reloading
Weapon indicator State ( " Why am I shooting note" )
ultra detailed step by step tutorial for Animation Each
Weaphone multi- Touch, the accelerometer camera support Flash
social media content Driven
DownloadWeaphones : guns Sim Vol 2 v1 . Android 0.0 : Live or Mirror
Weaphones : guns Sim v1.0.0
Vol 2 Size: 18 MB
Requires Android: 2.2 and more
Playstore Link : here
Download all files below Preview zip Install apk Toy game

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