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Own master ( Cleaner) APK- Must Have Android App

Own master ( Cleaner) APK- Must Have Android App
If you have an Android smartphone or Android tablet should install this application.Clean Master Downloader is the FREE cache cleaner world , RAM Booster antivirus and security suite - . own Master gives you full control over your phone to optimize performance and protect unnecessary files
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  • over 100 million users , support 32 languages ​​.
  • # 1 App Cache Cleaner Speed ​​Booster Android App safety in more than 50 countries.
  • featured by CNET, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe , XDA much more .
  • # 1 App in Utilities category in the world.
    confidence by 100 million users and growing , Clean Master is powerful memory number 1 reminder of the basket and filter to increase the speed of your Android device

    . Antivirus Engine - . Ranked # 1 by AV -Test, ensure the safety of professional quality

    memory Boost / Task Killer - . Stimulate applications and games speed is much easier with the Master Clean

    Clean - Remove unnecessary files (cache and residual ) occupy valuable storage space

    Clear - . Protect your privacy by removing personal information like your search and browsing history

    management App . - Bad applications on the SD card , . . Pre-installed applications redesigned backup apk files

    Watch Video Walkthrough Clean master ( Cleaner) Android App :

    own master ( Cleaner ) Reviews Android App

  • "Apps on the phone gradually eating memory and life of your sperm unscrew the cache fills to clean than the own master App for Android devices is the updated files . cache generated by apps that are hogging your storage space, and it helps to get rid of them . "- Los Angeles Times

  • Android : If you're running out of space on your Android device clean the fan Master, it is easy to identify which monopolizes your storage , and helps get rid of him. " - LifeHacker.com

  • " If you want to get your own Android device and removing unnecessary files , head on over to Clean Master . " - XDA - Developers.com More than 100 million people are already installed free Clean Master Join now see what it can save you

  • own master ( Cleaner ) Features of the application :

  • [ antivirus engine ] - . Added Security

  • professional quality antivirus that detects and reports any malicious software on your device Now you can rest easy knowing that your equipment is safe and secure

  • [ Junk files] - . Clean Cache Residual files

  • Cleaning unnecessary files can help free memory on your device and SD card

  • [Memory Boost] - Increase . memory and speed up your unscrew

  • tasks running in the background nOT occupy system RAM, but your battery life Waster . Memory Boost can stop other applications running in the background and frees up RAM speed of your Android device . This includes the shortcut called "Boost Type 1", easily accessible from your home screen . ! Running Android apps and play games faster than ever

  • [ Widget ] - Floating Widget

  • multiple management tasks from the Quick widget . Use the tab to switch rendelet your Wi -Fi settings , Bluetooth ring , etc. , and close apps RAM / output table App

  • [ Boost Game ] - . . Run games without lag

  • own master manages system resources while you play the game - say goodbye to the game stuttering and freezing from now ! Start your game from the section of the Boost Boost memory game or games directly from the folder on the home screen for an average commercial speed of 20 %

  • [privacy policy] - . Delete history

  • privacy is important and many of your applications record silently your personal movers, such a move cum your browser, Google Search History , and more. Clean Master can erase this information and keep your personal data secure

  • [App Manager ] - . Uninstaller , Backup, Move to SD

  • uninstaller which is an improvement over the default version of Android , which is also able to create the backup. apk . Ll also rooted some users to be able to . Misapplications their SD cum jizz card uninstall pre-installed applications and

  • [Presentation] - Your phone a look

  • New 4.0 now you can easily see the exact breakdown of the storage location of your phone. Simple graphics and statistics show you which types are followed sharp space , a Halloween party to plan your cleaning and storage strategy

    . Clean-Master-apk-android

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