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Heroes of Steel RPG Elite 2.1.11

order packing party heroes with different skills , abilities and equipment that they cum strive to protest against Humanity time warring gods and dark powers
. Heroes of Steel RPG Elite 2.1.11
Heroes of Steel RPG Elite 2.1.11
Heroes of Steel RPG Elite 2.1.11

Size: 37 M < / b> b
Android Requires: 2.2 < / b>

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< b> More on Google Play < / b >
Escape Dungeon Red Hill in the prologue (time strategy and turn- heroic story)
Continue Oskahold in episode 1 : Consort of death for $ 1. No advertising, no accounts, we PAI supplies
control your party of four heroes cum they try to protest against the last vestiges of humanity. Born in time of war of the gods and dark powers , your tote unlikely heroes embark on the date indicated in the citrus and huge sprawling post- apocalyptic world of medieval steel orchard
this is the dawn of the Twenty First Year after the world has decreased over . Seven Gods A foam against their Creator , the All- Father , and he destroyed in the earthquake . In the years of darkness and ruin following the kingdoms of man is fallen in war and flame . In the last days before all was lost , under the direction of the old order of Druids , the surviving retired evaluate mysterious underground labyrinth , the Underdeep . Now, in the Underdeep the last vestiges of humanity are scratching their life and try to rebuild society, but quickly discover that evil has followed under the surface
Heroes of Steel is a tactical RPG turn- in which you control a group of four unique characters, each with their own talents, special powers and abilities on their quest through the world of steel. Tactics involved in the fight against ferocious enemies, devious , and magic that threaten the last colonies of humanity. You need to decide how to develop an individual strategy for each character to build powerful and dynamic team, able to overcome insurmountable challenges. Across the vast World of Steel, your party 'll face myriad challenges , battles , vast mazes and formidable enemies of the variety
Every hero has spent single and future is destined to face. As they come to know each other, face their individual past, and challenges to their future, they form the inseparable company
Savor the full character customization , decide how increase your attributes , skills and powerful talents. Equip each of your characters with the variety of weapons, armor, and up to three magical or mundane accessories. As your party explore dungeons, towns and crypts in the world, you have to decide the overall strategy and approach your team takes . Choose between levels one hundred Talents and thousands of combinations of equipment
Our development team is actively pursuing indie RPG to mark this top RPG. We are very receptive to feedback to help RPG heroes may be the best eBay
With full control of each round and the appearance of your characters while you can plan each turn with strict control . Heroes was made for fans of RPG , adventure games and roguelikes . If you like strategy games and games tactical role , you will enjoy this classic RPG
What's New
balanced and improving Banishment Talent
balanced and improved storm Talent
All monsters with giant rats Ratkin use facilitators for Hit / Miss
E2 : Balanced Ratkin monster
E2: improve Underforge follower AI
E2: Archer Ratkin fixed line of sight bugs
typos and bugs I
This game has no ADS

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