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Minuum Keyboard 2.3

Welcome to Minuum , the small keyboard for big fingers ! Minuum is the tiny keyboard , a dimension that frees your screen space for a Halloween type quickly and accurately. . Type quickly without worrying about being clear , thanks to smart auto-correction
Minuum Keyboard 2.3

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Size: 23 M < / b> b
Android Requires : 4.0 Minuum Keyboard 2.3

More Info on Google Play:
MINUUM - The smart card , small keyboard that allows you to save more space on your desktop. It is the small keyboard for big fingers
Minuum takes less than half the space of regular screen Keyboard Halloween while a typical delicious and surprisingly rapid rate Sloppy - all thanks the new auto-correction revolution. Spend 15 seconds with the introduction and you will be able to start typing with Minuum tutorial - instantly. The more you type , the more Minuum Gets. Try it now

BONUS Panels
Minuum is always finding ways for you to enjoy your screen space with brand new unpublished panels
★ Emoji - Add fun to all your posts via immediate access to 856 emoticons
★ cursor CONTROL- refine your texts , e- mails EASE and messages
★ cutting Tools Press - quickly copy and paste
★ thesaurus functionality EQUITY RESEARCH instant access , dictionary, Google search, and share
★ typing sPEED- Watch your typing speed

Download modules of different languages ​​and quickly switch between them We currently support .
• English
• Spanish
• Italian
• German
• Italian
• BR - Portuguese ( new)
• More Coming Soon

Minuum is the ideal keyboard for small screens of smart watches rate Minuum try on your smart watch for free, just send email to: free@minuum.com

Discover MORE
The Minuum keyboard for touch screens is the first step towards " tap anywhere " Futura smart watches are just the beginning Soon Minuum . . 'll enter you in a way you 've never imagined For more information : http://www.minuum.com

Features In Brief
Recover more than half of the area of ​​the touch screen you lose When using traditional virtual keyboards
Typing • fAST Sloppy
Quick Tap without worrying about precision , thanks to ridiculously smart auto-correction of a type who learns cum
• AID FOR Grand fingers
Using Moyer magnification for clear letter , number, punctuation and input - useful if you have very big fingers
• Keyboard layout familiar
You already know how to type with Minuum - it's just your familiar layout , minimize
• ARRANGEMENTS different alphabet
Choose from alternate keyboard layouts -cum as " QWERTY ", " AZERTY "
• Expansion At full size keyboard
Press two fingers on the keyboard to quickly switch between a mini and full-screen modes (useful for URLs and passwords )
• word prediction SMART
Accelerate your typing suggestions via predictive engine that learns from your list of words , word combinations , and patterns of language use
• vocabulary CONTROL
Minuum learns your vocabulary , and allows you to delete the words in your dictionary if the display of pop -up
• SHORTCUTS quick gesture
slide your finger to the corner for quick and convenient access to all your functions via buttons pop -up
• vOICE Typing
Enter handsfree text via Google Voice Typing Typing for voice to text When running other activities
• multitasking time real
If you have split screen capabilities , multi-task more efficiently because of the extra screen space
• the edition of bEST text
Edit aid more effectively these unpublished panels: cursor control tools
• br style = " color EASY Caps < : # 323d4f ; font-family: Verdana , Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12.727272033691406px ; line -height: 18.200000762939453px ; margin : 0px; padding: 0px; "/> quickly changed capitalization of words typed using the Shift key

Tour http://support.minuum.com Rate:
• Share your ideas with the community Minuum
• Give product back
• Get help
< Br the style = " color: # 323d4f ; font-family: Verdana , Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12.727272033691406px ; line -height: 18.200000762939453px ; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; "/> Privacy
We respect your privacy Keyboard Minuum Stores movers in your trends by tapping your phone We do not collect this information remotely and does not return without one. . first Raskin Please see our privacy policy at : http://www.minuum.com/data

About our NAME
Some people call us " Minum " or keyboard " minimum " but easy to remember how " Minuum " is to think of the continuum of letters follow minimum space

For updates, join our mailing list http://eepurl.com/zwd8

What's New
- Sons of measurement
- Adjust sound volume
- improved layout numbers / symbols keyboard open
- Hide quoted text in the fields password
- Enable Auto Correct When adding words of yesteryear
- bug Fixes

This application has NO ADS

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