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Typist : A Quick Typing Test v1.2 Apk App Download

typist : A quick test Typing v1.2 Apk Android Download App.See how fast you can type with a typing speed test ! Typist : A Typing Quick Test includes 10 different tests striking , with options for 1, 2 or 3 minute test . Graphic features the results of your typing speed so that you can see your progress over time , the support of the ranking list / high score, and detailed results ( words per minute, errors, letters with more errors ) . Improve your typing speed with typing
! Typist : A Quick Typing Test v1.2 Apk App Download

REQUIRES ANDROID : 4.0 and < / b>
SIZE: 1.4 MB

< / b > INSTALLED : 5000 - 10000
current version: 1.2

< / b > content Rating: Everyone
READ / DOWNLOAD @: play.google.com / store


< / b> * Test your typing speed tests with different speed based on popular books
* tests 1 , 2, and 3 minutes for the ultimate in flexibility typing test
page * detailed results : see your words per minute score, the total number of letters and spelling errors
* Follow your progress with graphical errors of your typing test results last
* Challenge your friends with Google rankings and Play list of the best local scores
* Compatible with different keyboard layouts - try them with the typist and see which ones actually help you type faster
* supports phones and tablets *
free upgrades and support for life
* No authorization strange , annoying notifications, or crazy pop -ups - never
* You want to support the development of the typewriter ? Please note and / or unlock the full version of the typist (removes ads ) within the app!
Have a question , comment, suggestion or typist ? Email comments@androidtypingtest.com !

< / b> What exactly is the typist
- the Typist is a fun comedy in the world of competitive typing ! Ok , no, it is actually an application of typing test that allows you to test your typing speed with texts of popular books . This is a good way to see how fast you can type on your phone or tablet , test different types of keyboard layouts , or typing your progress over time
there the necessary permissions
- . ? There are three authorizations required by typist : internet, network status , and Google Play billing . The free version of the typist is funded by advertising ( boo! ) and is the first two, while the billing authorization is required to enable the purchase of the full version ( removes ads ) . We do not need to access your contacts , location or your Facebook account. ( But if you want to upload your score, you will need to use your account G)
typist can it improve my typing speed
- Although it is not scientifically proven , I want to say yes ! The only way to improve your typing speed is to practice - and taking a typing test or two a day , you should see an improvement in your typing speed over time . Typist includes a beautiful picture of your results from past tests, so you can see your progress . There is also a high score list / ranking to give you extra motivation
Why my typing results so low
tests - The typist ? ! Typing Tests calculates your last wpm typing score by taking your first wpm typing speed and subtracting all the mistakes you made. This can lead to quite low that every mistake is a penalty of 1 wpm scores. Fortunately, your score can not fall below 0 or we would have a riot here in Typing Land!
typos in real life usually means that you have to go back and correct . . So the typist uses this sentence mechanic as a way to make things a little more realistic
Can I change the size of text
- Of course ! Click the wrench icon on the page of typing test to access the setting font size, and adapt it to your preferences. . Note that if you change the font size while in the middle of a typing test , the size will not be updated until the next test typing (or reset) is

typing in both landscape mode? - Yes and no. Landscape mode on phones are not supported ( because there was not enough room for everything) , but it should work on any HDPI (high dpi) tablet ( Nexus 7 , Nexus 10 etc. ) device .

New in 1.4:
- Added a fix for Fleksy users that solves a problem of synchronization backspace
- You can now send feedback by typing ! On the Main Menu screen , tap the icon overflow (three points) and select " Send Feedback "
- . Adding a menu item " Follow @ sandcastlecc " - Get the latest news on the typist and other projects sandcastle
- Fixed a force linked database of nearly
serious note : if you left a bad rating / review because of an issue that has been fixed, please consider updating your rating . Thank you

Typist : A Quick Typing Test v1.2 Apk App Download

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