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ODS Launcher Pro 2.3.1 APK Free Download

Download All Pro unlockedSAO auctions free features. ThisSAO Sales Pro 2.3.1 apk is adfree ! Start ODS Auction dragging down the upper right or left corner . Various orbs will fall , giving you access to contacts , applications , maps and more. When you are finished , press far from rejecting the orbs
ODS auction can be extended with . Themes and extensions , which is inside the store (Settings ORB) ! Themes can change the look and feel of the application, from still images to sounds and fonts. Extensions, meanwhile, in of additional orbs rate auctions ODS providing enhanced functionality . ! Best of all , both have public APIs
For those who have too much free time , try to find the Easter egg rotation orbs
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sales SAO Pro FAQ: .

  • Why can not I uninstall the application
    has : It is probably defined as a device administrator . Go to Settings , Security , Device Administrators and uncheck auctions ODS.
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    How can I get sms pop up?

  • A: Install the extension of SMS - this is another application , you can find in other apps by this developer
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  • themes
    A: Install the theme , then go to options. If you see immediately as a default choice of side.
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  • Why delay start the application after pressing the home button ?
    Andrew introduced the 5 second delay for services provided after the home button is above . There is no way around this problem.
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  • Why back, I still see my old SMS notifications after installing the extension ?

  • A: I can not receive notification of another app . Fortunately, the default SMS application allows you to turn off notifications in the settings.
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  • Why can not I hear the sound?

  • A: There are different flow (system, notification , media) . Some phones disable the system , the flow usually reserved for button clicks . If you have one of these phones , you will need to change the current in the options.
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  • This is not the auctions ! Why pretend it is
    A: It is ... Expand overs. There Sri applications. It is not intended to replace your default bids , though.
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  • Why disconnect missing
    : Log required administrator rights , which marked it is difficult to uninstall applications (You must go to Settings Manual, down in administrative applications, the revised application, then uninstall ) . True frustration is asked (several times !) Every day how to uninstall the application (usually through the review 1star ) . Anyway , now bothering me about why people are missing out , I prefer frankly, because at least they leave me with reviews of 4 stars .
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    WatchSAO auction Android App Review

    sales DownloadSAO Pro 2.3.1 APK

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