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Last Rev Liberty v1.0.6 [UPDATE ]

Name: Freedom Rev
Version : 1.0.6
Required : Android 2.3
Category : Hacking Android Apps
Size: 1 MB
Developer : InAppStore
Developer link: Freedom
Price : free

Post : FAQ and doubts updated on July 2, 2014 !
Lucky patcher has a major update (since version 5.2.3) undergo and includes a free option in-app purchases . This is the best alternative for freedom app . Visit Lucky Patcher Page
Currently there are a few problems with Android Lollipop ( Freedom and Lucky Patcher ) . Lucky Patcher will be a solution for getting soon. We therefore recommend the use of Lucky Patcher for now

. What is the

Freedom is a free app that allows in-app purchases provide ? through the Google Play Store . An important point is that you should have rooted your device before using this app. If you do not know what it is rooting , you must first find it, collect some data and then root your phone . We have a FAQ below , too.
You can use it in a game, but there is no guarantee that all games and apps. It works on most of the games and you should try also certainly agree. There are newer versions every week or month , so maybe all games / apps can be hacked with
in the near future

Installation instructions:

Follow these instructions carefully to get freedom working :
1 . Install the downloaded apk file to your phone ( links below) .
2 . First, go to step 7 , if freedom is then already done. If it does not work, follow the steps in the correct order .
3 . Download and install from Market Unlocker here
4 . . Open Market Unlocker = > Enable Tick Unlocker
5 . Now, swipe left (Market Tab) => Scroll until you Russian MTS 25001 = > Select the
6 . Go to Settings = > Date Time = > Select Time Zone => Moscow (optional).
7 . . Open Freedom = > Choose an app or game => Wait until the process => Enjoy free app purchases

< h2 style = " text- align: left ;"> Official Download link:
Last Rev Liberty v1.0.6 [UPDATE ]

Up-to - Date Mirror :

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FAQ and Doubts

1. Will this app work without rooting my phone
Ans? . No rooting is required for this application. . For HTC devices , you need your device S -OFF
2. What apps / games freedom does work ? OR Freedom does not work with an app?
Ans.The list of apps is currently unavailable . Therefore, you should try and report if you can
. 3. I can not connect error in Play Store
Ans? . Check the following points:
(i ) Ensure that the market app ( com.android.vending ) is installed in the memory of the phone instead of the sdcard
(II) Try the original market version 3.9. . x
(III) Make sure that no antivirus / firewall blocking freedom app
(IV) , try restarting the device
(V) freedom to choose Menu = > Stop . Then remove it completely => Restart your phone => reinstall freedom.
If you have no connection error and nothing helps , follow these steps :
1 . Download and install Root Explorer .
2 . Open it and go to the root of your phone (/).
3 . From here, go to the ' etc' directory.
4 . Find the file named "host" and hold for 2 seconds => choose "Open in Text Editor " .
5 . Delete everything and paste this code in the first line of the file (without the quotes): " localhost "
6 . Save the file . This should do the job for you
4. If you have this : . "You should write permission on system partition to use this application"
Ans . You must have full permission rights on your system . Clearer : The phone is not full- rooted , but it is half- rooted. Some manufacturers ( mostly HTC and Acer) locking the system. So to get rid of it , just try a google search on how to fully unlock your phone that includes rooting, bootloader unlock , S -OFF etc.
. ? 5. What is free core
Ans . It is a function / system within the freedom which changes are made to the core.jar file , which in turn enables free in-app purchases for some apps that normally do not support free purchases
. 6. Do this error : "Free Core is not available on your system "
Ans? . This means that the firmware you are running does not support free core . Hence, you need to change your firmware
. 7. My phone model is "XXXX" . How am I supposed to root ?
Ans . Due to overwhelming amount of users asking this question , are becoming increasingly difficult for us to answer everything and everyone. So, here is the solution for rooting your android phone :
one . Go to google . [ Please do not feel like I 'm stupid because it is important for some users who do not know the right way ; So Google is the best solution. ]
B . In the search box, type " root [ Your Name] " .
C. Click on any of the first three to four results .
D . Follow a tutorial you see thoroughly and without missing any of the steps , because if you lose even one step , your phone will become useless forever
8. If you encounter this : . "This version of the application is not configured for billing through Google Play " or " outdated Google Play "
Ans . The in-app purchases for some apps are broken. No solution is available for this
! 9. Will Google forbid me to this
Ans? . No

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