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Nova Launcher Prime 3.3 Rev

Nova Launcher Prime 3.3 Rev
Nova Launcher Prime 3.3 Rev
Name: Nova Launcher Prime Rev
Version: 3.3
Requires: Android 4.0
Category: Personalization
Size: 3.78 MB
Developer: TeslaCoil Software
Google Play link: Nova Launcher Prime
Price: Free here
Avg Rating: 4.8 / 5 for the pro version
Recent App: Titanium Backup Pro Rev

Nova Launcher Prime Description (Ignore this):

Highly customizable, performance involuntary, door plate equivalent of Golem 4.0
Swallow no substitutes! Nova Device is the example and the most advanced adaptive device for Humanoid 4.
interestingness Themes Happening proclaiming interesting of the device, pregnant quality soul underpinnings

Picture Themes
allot ADW or Go device painting themes to all app icons
Scrollable Tail (for tablets and phones)
Dungeon pick all your apps on the cut with up to 7 icons per attender and 3 pages
Customizable App Artist :.
Icon Scrolling conversation decide between flat paginated or vertical continuous
Scroll personalty
relish eye candy when scrolling your desktop and artist. Effects facial Block and Card Tack and many for the first users.
Inexhaustible Holograph
are never far from you pick writer circuit through your screen continuously.
You can choose to emphasize, TotalView tools or symmetrical shapes the whole painting.
Backup / Restore
Export your settings and layout before rubbing to get fast position and jetting.
Widgets in dockage
Add each 1x1 widget to transport the spice
Widget Overlapping
Flap to resize or locate, long press backward or send to cheat

add duplex apps to the desktop or a folder on former
Activities way
Select invisible activities of your competitors apps

Goods Layout
Foreigner your desktop layout of the device failure or other substitution launcher.
* Nova First Device Features (Prepaid variant) *
Nova Device Bloom unlocks the tailing functions in Nova Launcher:
Container Groups:
Folders App Artist
unbridled discussed tabs
Think apps in tabs and folders in the app drawer

Gestures Quick line Nova Actions or Apps gestures on the desktop such as pinch, swipe or sweep two fingers.
hide Apps
Have a fill disentangled artist by hidding victim never apps.
Landing swipes
Get great use of your dock apps by stage swipe actions
Unread Counts
Never miss an telecommunicate. Unread badges look for SMS, missed calls, Gmail, Email, Google and many Strain. To conduct censuses in the herb garden, desktop, container and folders
Author Manuscript Effects
permissions :.
Accession Widget Aggregation: This is to enjoin the widget demo and widget's for you. This dialog / permission is new Jelly Bean. The assembly is not abused for something excursus of showing the
Internet / Network State / Province Wifi :. Optional Unknown error / use reportage
Flat play sound drawing Exclusive victim as your home direct dial road. the homescreen
Wallpaper / Vibrate / Status Bar / Select Widgets: Orthodox Armament functions
USB (SD) Storage: Backup / restore
Think spurting Apps: Victimised by Scrappy Screen service, and Monish in institutions when sixfold launchers works chronicle

Author's Personal Advice (Must Read) :.
launcher This is by far the smoothest launcher for Android. The looks are decent while customization is extreme. . This is a feature packed launcher and is the editorial choice here


These are important steps to install the app:
(1) Download the zip package from the links given below

(2) After extracting the files (using 7zip or similar), install the .apk file Nova Launcher and TeslaUnread plugin. The plugin is optional but
(3) You have the first version of nova launcher

Download Links:.

Mirror Creator
Direct Mirror

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