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Lucky Patcher 5.6.5 APK (Updated)

Lucky Patcher 5.6.5 APK (Updated)
Name: Lucky Patcher
Version: 5.6.5 (Last)
Developer : Chelpus
Requires: Android 1.6
Category: Android Tools
Size: 4 MB
Recent app: BusyBox Pro

Download Links: Lucky Patcher 5.6.5 APK (Updated)

Latest version (5.6.5):

User Cloud - v5.6.5
Mirror Creator - v5.6.5
Version 5.6.3:

User Cloud - v5.6.3
Mirror Creator - v5. 6.3
Older versions:

Mirror Creator - v5.5.7
Direct Mirror - v5.5.7

Information and How-to:

-Lucky Patcher is a great tool for Android ads to delete, change permissions bypass authentication license, create modified apk and get free in-app purchases
-You need a rooted device to use this application
.. How to remove license verification of an app:
1. Go to your app drawer and open the luck patcher app. Grant root access on request. You will receive a list of apps installed on your phone to see.
2. Select the app you want to remove permissions.
3. Click Menu Open Patches => Remove License Verification => Auto Modes => Bring
4. Run the app and test whether it works.
5. If it does not work, try Auto mode (inverse) or Extreme automatic mode
How to remove ads:
1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above.
2. Click Menu Open Patches => Remove Google Ads => Patch remove Google Ads => Bring
How to Hack in-app purchases:
Method 1:
1. Open Lucky Patcher and grant root access on request. Close Lucky Patcher after that.
2. Open the app where you want to hack in-app purchases.
3. When you click on "Buy" or something similar, will appear Lucky Patcher window on the screen. You'll see this: "Do you want to try to get this free app" => Click "yes". Non-rooted users should click "send response to application (unsigned)"
4. Done! You have the in-app purchase successfully hacked
TIP: If your purchase turns out to be successful, then the app is not supported
To support in switch .. more apps:
1. Open Lucky Patcher find Google Play Store
2. Tap and click "Menu Patches Open"
3. It will a warning window saying: "It is a system app ....." => Click "Yes".
4. Tap "Custom patch" => select "Support.InApp.LVL.com.adroid.vending" => Tap Bring
5. Restart your phone.
6. Follow steps 1 to 4 in "Method 1" above
Method 2 :.
1. Open Lucky Patcher and find the app you want in-app purchases
NOTE hacking. Those apps are marked "InApp purchases found" text
2 .. Tap the app => Select "Menu Patches Open" => Select "Support patch InApp and LVL emulation".
3. Select "Apply". Wait for the process and restart your phone.
4. If the patch is successful, you will not see the Google InApp Billing window while buying anything. That means, the InApp purchases are free
Tip :. Be patient while the process further. It will take some time on slower machines. You will also find all of the above information into the app

Last App :. TubeMate

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